Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Supply side of cloud computing

Lately the most of the buzz is around the demand side of the cloud computing - Google's data centers, Microsoft Live, Amazon EC2 etc. Add one more player, Cisco, but on the supply side. Cisco has entered into the supply side of the cloud computing by unveiling its 15 terabit/sec switch - that's ridiculously and embarrassingly fast (found via Rough Type). Cisco recognizes the opportunities around network and data center vitualization in the rising world of ubiquitous computing. This initiative and innovation emphasizes that the utility computing is not just about taking few commodity hardware and connect them together. That is just tip of the iceberg. The cloud computing at core would certainly support the computing needs in a utility fashion but the data center redundancy and geographical connectivity is crucial as well. You can get a lot done when two geographically dispersed severs can transfer high volume data at lightning speed.

Now put this switch in on of those Sun's black truck and see the difference!

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